Aces of Pool Season

March 6, 2024


Go ALL IN at the tables for Aces of Pool Season!

Available for 3 weeks only - so PLAY NOW, rack up  Pool Points & shuffle every exclusive reward into your collection:

<b>NEW Pool Pass&nbsp;</b>|&nbsp;<i>Wed Mar 6 - Wed Mar 27</i>
NEW Pool Pass Wed Mar 6 - Wed Mar 27


<b>NEW Special Event </b>| <i>Fri Mar 8 - Wed Mar 27</i>
NEW Special Event | Fri Mar 8 - Wed Mar 27

Open Victory Boxes from matches for Tokens to unlock & upgrade a NEW Evolving Cue!

NEW Ace of Pool Evolving Cue
NEW Ace of Pool Evolving Cue

Like all Evolving Cues, this Cue’s appearance changes as you upgrade it!

<b>NEW Aces of Pool Tables &amp; Rings</b>
NEW Aces of Pool Tables & Rings

Win matches on Aces of Pool tables for GUARANTEED Tokens of each type, plus exclusive NEW Rings!

Table changes every 48 hours!


<b>NEW Showdown</b>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<i>Fri Mar 22 - Wed Mar 27</i>
NEW Showdown | Fri Mar 22 - Wed Mar 27

The next Showdown starts Fri Mar 22!

Start ranking up the Pool Pass TODAY for Showdown Tickets to boost your chances to win matches, climb the leaderboard and win a stunning Season Cup!

FREE Aces of Pool Wallpapers

Aces of Pool Season is available in-game Wed Mar 6 - Wed Mar 27!

Play NOW & leave no reward on the discard pile!

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