Chalk Wars Season

May 3, 2023


Go galactic in Chalk Wars Season! 

Hit the tables today to start claiming an intergalactic bounty of Pool Pass rewards!

Available in-game: <b>Wed May 3</b> - <b>Wed May 24</b>!
Available in-game: Wed May 3 - Wed May 24!

NEW Rule of Three Quest

<b>Collect three Cues </b>to claim an exclusive&nbsp;<b>Cue &amp; Avatar</b> from <b>Thurs May 4</b>&nbsp;-&nbsp;<b>Mon May 8</b>!
Collect three Cues to claim an exclusive Cue & Avatar from Thurs May 4 - Mon May 8!

Click here for more information!

Chalk Wars Season Showdown

The next Season Showdown will be open for everyone from Sat May 20 and finish on Wed May 24!

Complete the Pool Pass and collect Showdown Tickets before the Showdown starts to boost your chances to play matches, climb the Leaderboard and claim one of these stunning Season Cups:

More Dates for your 8 Ball Pool Diary

<b>NEW Hyperspace Win Streak</b> | In-game <b>Thurs May 4</b> - <b>Mon May 8</b>!
NEW Hyperspace Win Streak | In-game Thurs May 4 - Mon May 8!
<b>Mecha Tournament</b> | In-game <b>Mon May 8</b> - <b>Thurs May 11</b>!
Mecha Tournament | In-game Mon May 8 - Thurs May 11!
<b>Los Angeles Championship</b> | In-game <b>Fri May 12</b> - <b>Mon May 15</b>!
Los Angeles Championship | In-game Fri May 12 - Mon May 15!
<b>Alien Win Streak</b> | In-game <b>Tues May 16</b> - <b>Fri May 19</b>!
Alien Win Streak | In-game Tues May 16 - Fri May 19!

Chalk Wars Season is available in-game from Wed May 3 until Wed May 24!

Go galactic at the tables and claim every exclusive reward!

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