Halloween Event Preview

October 7, 2022


Get ready for a BRAND-NEW Special Event - the Crimson Moon Halloween Brawl!

 How to Play

From Oct 12, you’ll be invited to join the Brawl by choosing a Team - Blessed or Cursed

As soon as you choose, you’ll receive a FREE Blessed or Cursed Moon Cue that represents your Halloween Brawl Team!

Important: you can only join ONE Team, so choose wisely!

After choosing, play Crimson Moon matches to upgrade your Blessed or Cursed Moon Cue and unlock new Crimson Moon Tiers with better rewards.

But what about the Brawl, you ask? Keep reading, Baller!

Collect Brawl Points for You and Your Team!

Every Crimson Moon victory will award BRAWL POINTS for you and your Team! 

The Team with the MOST Brawl Points on October 26 will be declared the winners of the Brawl and receive a stunning level 20 Crimson Moon Animated Cue for FREE!

Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping a special Scoreboard updated during the event so you can track which Team is currently in the lead!

Pro tip: when the Brawl ends on Oct 26, you can exchange your Brawl Points for rare rewards in the Crimson Moon Event Shop.

The Brawl Begins October 12!

We’ll share even more details when the event starts.

Until then… hit the tables and prepare for our biggest event EVER!

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