Ice Breaker Event Preview

December 14, 2022


Get ready for our next Special Event with this exclusive preview!

Event begins Wed Dec 21 and ends Wed Jan 4!

NEW Ice Breaker Evolving Cue Preview

The slippery star of this Special Event will be the NEW Ice Breaker Evolving Cue!

Like all 8 Ball Pool Evolving Cues, the Ice Breaker’s appearance will change when you upgrade it using Cue Pieces.

The full Evolving Cue will be revealed when the event starts on on Dec 21, but here’s a preview of the first few stages:

First Stage

Second Stage

Third Stage Preview

Revealed on Dec 21
Revealed on Dec 21

Final Stage Preview

Revealed on Dec 21
Revealed on Dec 21

Ice Breaker Evolving Cue Stages:

First Stage

Second Stage

Third Stage

Final Stage


Level 9

Level 25

Level 41

NEW Ice Lounge Epic Table & Rewards

From Wed Dec 21, the new Ice Lounge Epic Table will be available for everyone to play!

This Epic table is a skill-based table where ONLY cushion shots will count!

Entry Rules

Entry Fee

Coin Reward

Box Rewards



Level 5 or 15 Trophies

30,000,000 Coins

60,000,000 Coins

Ice Breaker Box, Treasure Box, Flashback Box

Cushion Shot on ALL Shots!

After 25 wins

How to Get Ice Breaker Cue Pieces

Ice Lounge Epic Table Victory Boxes will award Ice Breaker Cue Pieces, but that’s not the only way to upgrade your new Evolving Cue!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the other ways you’ll be able to claim Ice Breaker Cue Pieces during the event:

  • Pool Pass Reward Boxes
  • Ring Quests running alongside Time-Limited Events
  • Spin & Win Reward Boxes
  • Daily Mission Boxes
  • Golden Spin Reward Boxes
  • Club Boxes
  • Video Ad Reward Boxes

Note: Full details on the contents of each Reward Box will be shared on Dec 21!

Ice Lounge Epic Table Event Shop

There will also be an Event Shop open for the duration of the event, accessed from the bottom-right corner of the screen after entering the Ice Lounge Epic Table.

There are Ice Breaker Cue Pieces and other wintery rewards available, so be sure to check it out!

Ice Breaker Begins on Wed Dec 21!

Check back in-game, here, on social media and our official website on Wed Dec 21 for more details when Ice Breaker officially begins!

Until then… it’s time to hit the tables and get ready for our holiday 2022 Special Event!

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