Moonlight Manor Season

October 11, 2023


A NEW haunted Season and Special Event have been unleashed!

Play now and start racking up Pool Points to unlock a hair-raising assortment of Pool Pass exclusive Cues, Avatars, Emotes, Stickers, Showdown Tickets and MORE!

<b>Moonlight Manor Season Pool Pass&nbsp;</b>| Available&nbsp;<b>Wed Oct 11&nbsp;</b>-<b>&nbsp;Wed Nov 1</b>!
Moonlight Manor Season Pool Pass | Available Wed Oct 11 - Wed Nov 1!

Moonlight Manor Special Event

<b>NEW Special Event </b>| Available <b>Wed Oct 11 </b>- <b>Wed Nov 1</b>!
NEW Special Event | Available Wed Oct 11 - Wed Nov 1!

Open Boxes from matches & collect Clue Tokens to unlock exclusive rewards, including a NEW Evolving Cue!

Click here for more information!

Time-Limited Events

<b>Moonlight Friday the 13th Win Streak </b>| Available<b> Fri Oct 13 </b>-<b> Mon Oct 16</b>!
Moonlight Friday the 13th Win Streak | Available Fri Oct 13 - Mon Oct 16!

Win consecutive matches to unlock rewards, including an exclusive Ring and Cue!

Bonus: complete this event with as few continues as possible to make the most of an amazing Cash prize in the Event Shop!

<b>Halloween Challenge Tournament </b>| Available <b>Fri Oct 20 </b>-<b> Mon Oct 23</b>!
Halloween Challenge Tournament | Available Fri Oct 20 - Mon Oct 23!

Join this event for your chance to unlock an exclusive Ring & Cue!

<b>NEW Moonlight Manor Showdown </b>| Available <b>Fri Oct 27 </b>- <b>Wed Nov 1</b>!
NEW Moonlight Manor Showdown | Available Fri Oct 27 - Wed Nov 1!

Start ranking up the Pool Pass TODAY to collect Showdown Tickets before the Showdown starts to boost your chances to play matches, climb the Leaderboard and claim a stunning Season Cup!

Pro tip: the number of Showdown Tickets you've collected can be viewed on the 'Moonlight Manor Showdown Incoming!' message you'll have received in your in-game  Inbox

The Moonlight Manor Season and Special Event available are in-game Wed Oct 11 - Wed Nov 1!

Don’t miss your chance to hit the tables and claim every exclusive reward!

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