Onyx Ascendants Season

August 23, 2023


Raise your game to the next level in Onyx Ascendants Season!

Get the latest Pool Pass and hit the tables to start claiming this enlightened assortment of exclusive rewards:

<b>Onyx Ascendants Pool Pass</b>&nbsp;| Available in-game&nbsp;<b>Wed Aug 23</b>&nbsp;-&nbsp;<b>Wed Sept 13</b>!&nbsp;
Onyx Ascendants Pool Pass | Available in-game Wed Aug 23 - Wed Sept 13

Time-Limited Events

<b>Steampunk Win Streak </b>| Available in-game <b>Fri Aug 25 </b>-&nbsp;<b>Mon Aug 28</b>!
Steampunk Win Streak | Available in-game Fri Aug 25 Mon Aug 28!
<b>NEW Onyx Rush Event</b> | Available in-game <b>Fri Sept 1</b> - <b>Fri Sept 8</b>!
NEW Onyx Rush Event | Available in-game Fri Sept 1 - Fri Sept 8!

Open Boxes from matches and collect Onyx Tokens to exchange for exclusive rewards in the Onyx Shop!

<b>Onyx Ascendants Showdown </b>| Available in-game <b>Sat Sept 9</b> - <b>Wed Sept 13</b>!
Onyx Ascendants Showdown | Available in-game Sat Sept 9 - Wed Sept 13!

Rank up the Pool Pass and collect Showdown Tickets before the Showdown starts to boost your chances to play matches, climb the Leaderboard and claim a stunning Season Cup!

Exclusive Bonus: Get 700 BONUS POOL POINTS for every Showdown win!

Onyx Ascendants Season is available in-game from Wed Aug 23 - Wed Sept 13!

Hit the tables, raise your game to the next level and claim every exclusive reward!

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