Outbreak Quests PREVIEW

January 18, 2023


From Jan 25 until Feb 15, the undead will be unleashed for a brand-new Season with exclusive Outbreak Quests!

Keep scrolling for an exclusive preview of what to expect!

FREE Outbreak Cue

Here’s a silhouette sneak peek at the exclusive Outbreak Cue you’ll be able to unlock and upgrade for FREE by completing Outbreak Quests:

The full Outbreak Cue and its stats will be fully revealed in-game and right here on Wed Jan 25!

FREE Outbreak Quests 

On Wed Jan 25, you’ll receive your first set of FREE Outbreak Quests.

Complete those Outbreak Quests to unlock Outbreak Cue Pieces and additional Quests, each offering even more Cue Pieces!

There will also be Outbreak Bonus Quests with extra Outbreak Cue Pieces available!

Start Your Outbreak Quests on Wed Jan 25! 

Don’t miss your chance to unlock and upgrade the FREE Outbreak Cue for more Cue Collection Points!

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