Ultimate Rumble Quest

August 2, 2023

<b>NEW FREE Quest&nbsp;</b>|&nbsp;Available in-game<b> Wed Aug 2 - Wed Aug 23</b>
NEW FREE Quest | Available in-game Wed Aug 2 - Wed Aug 23

Conquer epic wrestling-themed quests to unlock and upgrade the exclusive Cage Match Cue and give your Cue Collection Power a boost

Completing your FREE Quests

To start the Ultimate Rumble Quest, look out for a special pop-up when you next log in to play!

Quests unlock in sets of 3 and there are 18 standard Ultimate Rumble Quests and a Bonus Quest to conquer!

Every completed quest will award exclusive Cue Pieces to unlock and upgrade the exclusive Cage Match Cue!

Exclusive Cage Match Cue

<b>NEW Event Cue </b>| Exclusively available from the <b>Ultimate Rumble Quest</b>!
NEW Event Cue | Exclusively available from the Ultimate Rumble Quest!

MAX Force


MAX Spin

MAX Time





Recharge Cost

Max Level

Cue Collection Points on Unlock

Cue Collection Points per Upgrade

5,000 Coins




Remember: unlocking and upgrading this Cue will award Cue Collection Points, so don’t miss this awesome chance to boost your Cue Collection Power!

Skip Quests with Cash

Finding a quest too tricky or want those Cue Pieces right away?

Just use a little Cash and - boom, QUEST COMPLETE - and the Cage Match Cue Pieces are yours!

Low on Cash? Get more in-game or from the 8 Ball Pool Web Shop!

Bonus Quest

Alongside your 18 standard Ultimate Rumble Quests, you’ll also have the Bonus Quest to complete! 

The Bonus Quest has three objectives with additional Cage Match Cue Pieces on offer and - better yet - all you have to do to claim these extra rewards is complete your standard Ultimate Rumble Quests!

Objective 1

Objective 2

Objective 3

Complete 5 Ultimate Rumble Quests to collect 50 extra Cage Match Cue Pieces!

Complete 11 Ultimate Rumble Quests to collect 100 extra Cage Match Cue Pieces!

Complete all 18 Ultimate Rumble Quests to collect 150 extra Cage Match Cue Pieces!

To find the Bonus Quest, scroll as instructed on the main Ultimate Rumble Quest pop-up!

The Ultimate Rumble Quest is available alongside Slammin’ Hot Shots Season in 8 Ball Pool from Wed Aug 2 until Wed Aug 23!

Hit the tables, conquer your quests and claim every exclusive Cue Piece!

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